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What's new in Drupal World? Week #25 DrupalDevDays special

The big event of last week is of course the Drupal Dev days in Barcelona: not so many tweets about it though, but don't worry I've managed to find some interesting links!

New version for Commerce Kickstart

The CommerceGuys rolled out a version 2 of the Drupal Commerce installation profile, the new UI will surely amaze during client demos

Barcelona DrupalDev days sessions

Here are the slides of the different sessions:

WSCCI and Web Services

A sprint in Paris took place last week on Web Services in Drupal 8, here's the summary by @Crell. This sums up how you are going to code with the future entities in D8 and what protocol is discussed for providing Web Services in Drupal

Twig in D8 core

Twig just got committed to Drupal 8 core

New UI for string translation committed

The issue is finally pushed to 8.x, congratz!

Drupal 8 Plugin architecture

A draft of D8 plugin architecture is on the way by EclipseGc

A Drupal energy drink spotted

drupal energy drink
So that you can code harder, better, faster, stronger...

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