Mac OSX Tip: Open current Finder folder in iTerm

Open in iTerm toolbar icon
Quick post for a quick tip, I use iTerm2 which is basically a Terminal on steroids offering features like search, autocomplete, growl support and many more but it's painful to navigate in Finder and willing to open the same directory in iTerm2.

So here it is: a nice toolbar button to automatically open the selected folder inFinder (or the current one if none is selected), made from an AppleScript.


  • Open this script into AppleScript Editor and save it as an application in ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Finder/cd
  • Run rm \ ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Finder/
  • Run cp /Applications/ \ ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Finder/
  • Run touch ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Finder/, this refreshes the icon
  • Drag and drop your app into your Finder toolbar

Now you can click on this icon and iTerm will automatically cd to the folder selected!


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